KYield  v. - Yield Management of Knowledge


About us


KYield, Inc. is a U.S. corporation that has exclusive rights to the intellectual property owned by its founder Mark Montgomery, which was developed during more than two decades of R&D from inception of the underlying theorem 'yield management of knowledge'.


Mark and his wife Betsy are the majority owners of KYield, Inc. The former advisory board, current board, and all employees of the company are shareholders. The company is self-funded to date with no debt or liabilities.

KYield is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Mark & Betsy relocated from the Bay area in early 2009 to mature KYield R&D. Prior to the Bay area they were based in Scottsdale and then Dewey, Arizona, which is a small town near Prescott. Mark & Betsy are originally from Tacoma, Washington.


The KYield OS is a distributed artificial intelligence operating system that was designed and developed over many years of R&D to execute the underlying theorem, which still guides our efforts at KYield. We offer several flexible options to benefit from the KYield OS, including PaaS in hybrid cloud, license and build internally, build on site, strategic partnerships, and in select cases a license on our IP portfolio with consulting.

A very small group of companies are rapidly pulling away from everyone else due to enterprise-wide AI systems, yet only 21 percent of organizations are applying AI across more than one area of their business......our mission is to level this playing field. -- Mark Montgomery, Founder & CEO, KYield.