KYield  v. - Yield Management of Knowledge


Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System

KYield's Founder & CEO Mark Montgomery presents a talk at the ExperienceITNM conference on 9/13/19, titled 'Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence. He also unveils his new patent-pending invention 'Synthetic Genius Maching & Knowledge Creation System'.

  • Individual geniuses 
  • Combined geniuses
  • Specialized disciplines
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • Serendipitous models
  • Symbolic reasoning
  • Quantum encryption
  • Data compression
  • Quantum applications
  • Acclerated discovery



Our story

KYield is a pioneer in AI systems. The KYield OS is based on a theorem developed by our founder in 1997 at his small private lab in Arizona while operating multiple global networks. See our complete history here.

Our vision

We see a sustainable world that is much smarter, healthier, focused on preventing problems, less constrained by silos, and functioning at a higher level at the individual, organizational and societal levels.


Several products run on the KYield OS, including the KYield Genius MachineDANA™ (Digital Assistant with Neuroanatomical Analytics), Cerebellum (knowledge currency), and HumCat (prevention of human-caused catastrophes).